Parenting the Preteen: How to Mold Your Child During the Most Crucial Stage

Attention: All parents who are encountering difficulties during their child's most crucial phase in life!

"How to Connect and Establish a Close
Bond with Your Child During One of
the Most Challenging Stages of
Their Life - the Pre-teen Stage!"

Parents often encounter misunderstandings
and communication problems with their
kids during their pre-teen stage.

If you can't get your pre-teen to cooperate with you,
don't get frustrated! We have the right solution for you!

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Dear Concerned Parent,

Have you tried everything just to get through your pre-teen's world?
Are you getting exhausted in talking to them because the tension between you and your child is just getting bigger?
Are you concerned about what they do, but can't find a way to talk to them without being misinterpreted?

Parents start to experience difficulties with their children the moment they enter middle school. This is the stage when their used-to-be little children are beginning to work and think on their own.

Subconsciously, they are practicing how to be independent - and this is a major reason why there may exist a rift between parents and their children.

But understanding your kids as they go through this
challenging stage can be a breeze, if you know how!

Keep in mind that no matter how disagreeable and hardheaded your kids may become, this is but a phase. With the right amount of consideration, especially from you as a parent, you and your pre-teen can finally come to terms and establish a close bond.

The most effective solution is to:

Mold your children during their pre-teen stage,
which is actually the most crucial stage of their lives.

The pre-teen stage is a special phase when their ideas, principles, and ways of thinking are formed and molded, in preparation for their adult years. This is the stage when they start to think critically and more maturely. They are acting more intelligently than before.

The pre-teen phase starts from age 10 to about 12 years old, usually when the kids are in middle school. During this stage, they are more inclined to stop thinking about Barbie dolls and superheroes. Instead, they are beginning to discover their own personalities and style - and this is something all parents should be aware of. This is the stage when children want their parents to let them do things on their own.

As a good parent, you have to slowly set them free.

Don't be surprised if your child doesn't want to hold your hand anymore when going out to the mall, or if they don't like you to brush their hair or fix their collar as you used to. And they might not even want to be seen with you outside at all!

But don't worry; there's a way to cope with all these changes!

The moment you realize that these changes are showing, don't panic. Take hold of the situation by realizing that your role as a doting parent now needs to be redefined. Remember that these changes could happen overnight, so better expect it rather than be surprised.

Your role as an authoritative parent has to change. Instead of ordering your kid around as to what they are supposed to do, think, or say, inculcate values in them.

Don't just tell your kid to stop doing this or that. Instead, tell them the reason why they have to stop. Keep in mind that your kid wants to be regarded as a real thinking individual; so controlling your child like a robot would do both of you no good.

And more importantly…

Respect your child's privacy.

The pre-teen stage is that period when pre-teens don't necessarily want to share everything they know, feel, and experience to you like they've used to. If they need time and space on their own, give them that privilege. But don't stray too far. Always be around them for support.

To guide you more regarding molding and dealing with your pre-teen, we have devised a comprehensive report entitled Parenting the Preteen: How to Mold Your Child During the Most Crucial Stage.

This report will give you the edge when it comes to dealing with your children during their pre-teen stage.

With this report, you will discover:

How to create an "open door" that motivates your pre-teens to share confidential matters with you.
How behaviors of preteens ultimately affect their relationships with their parents.
Key in avoiding the confrontational atmosphere between parents and their pre-teens.
How pre-teens approach situations and develop problem-solving skills at the different age levels.
How to open communication lines in a way that is neither forced nor pretentious.
Probably the biggest adjustment that you'll have to go through as a parent during the preteen years.
The goal of setting contracts as a discipline tool in the preteen years.
How to bring about self-correction in your child.
A good time to set up a "deal" with your pre-teen.
The Re-engineered 'Thinking' Time Out Method.
How to think things through and find a remedy when conflicts occur.
The last topics that you should concern your preteen child about.
The importance of molding your children during the pre-teen stage.
How a pre-teen parent should act in various situations.
How to understand your pre-teen children better.
How to cope with the changes that a pre-teen is going through.
The roles you have to redefine as a pre-teen parent.
The Blooms Level of Knowledge.
The use of values over authority.
The need to change infusing fear to influence.
How to properly communicate with your pre-teen.
What privacy means and how it is important to your pre-teen.
How to practice neutral listening.
How to read between the lines when it comes to their concerns.
The way to form right objectives and produce proper outcome.
How to discipline your pre-teen.
The proper way of building competence among pre-teens.
How to choose your battles with your pre-teen.
The right way of thinking out the situation you are in.
How to convey responsibility to your pre-teen.
How to make arrive at an agreement between you and your pre-teen.
Understanding the pre-teen subculture.
How a parent should talk about sex to their pre-teen.
When and where to begin talking about sex.
Modeling relationships and its importance.
How to enjoy your child's pre-teen stage.

And a whole lot more!

Stop being clueless about your pre-teen child. Start learning more about them and what they are going through. This is the way, perhaps the only way, to preserve that good, loving relationship between you and your child. Don't get frustrated. Be educated!

All you have to do is download the report Parenting the Preteen: How to Mold Your Child During the Most Crucial Stage. It can provide you with all the necessary information to make your child's pre-teen stage a stress-less period.

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Don't fret about your child's behavior. Be there for them! But do it in a way they would appreciate and understand. On your own, it is not going to be easy. But with the help of this report, you'll see how effortless parenting a pre-teen can really be!


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P.S. Show your child you care. Make them reach out to you just like their close friend.

P.P.S. Share in your pre-teen's happy and sad moments. Make them understand that you are always there for them. Learn how.